You’ve Got Questions–We’ve Got Answers

Will I receive different rents each month?

No, the lease agreement for your home is between Namastay Getaway and you directly. The rent is fixed and will be paid to you as a conventional tenant at the beginning of the month.

What will become of my rents during off-peak periods?

We manage many houses in different states to avoid off-peak periods and your rent is guaranteed with the lease contract between you and us.

Who takes care of furnishing and decorating my house ?

Our team of design experts will be assigned to decorate and furnish your property.

What type of lease do you offer ?

We offer corporate lease for flexible terms anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on the property.

Why do you offer corporate and not personal leases ?

We are combining all our services under a same entity, meaning we have to sign the leases under a company name.

What happens if a tenant damages my house?

The rental platforms has insurance to provide for repairs. In addition, there is also the deposit that we pay to you at the signing of the lease agreement.

What happens if I want to sell my property before the end of the lease ?

As any lease, the buyer will have to enforce the remaining term of that lease until the move-out date of the tenant.